‘Renegades’ by Marrisa Meyer

Here we go I guess. This book was quite good, I mean it wasn’t the best, there were some flaws. It didn’t exactly work perfectly. But then it did have a really good storyline and a respectable plot. It’s a superhero book which I found very interesting as I haven’t read one of them in a while. it is a story from mostly a villains perspective, which I find really great. It is about 550 pages long, so It could take a bit to finish, it did take me quite a bit to finish. It is an action/adventure book with more then enough high detail action. It is very well put together and slides into the next part/chapter very easily. The title is very catchy and caught my eye on the shelf.
Now here for some backstory (this will be pretty long).
It is set in a post-anarchitic world (I don’t know if that’s a thing or not). So if we backtrack a little we will learn that at some point very small numbers of people were being born with superpowers, these people are called ‘prodigies’. They were both feared and oppressed because of their abilities. People hunted and tormented them. That was until a prodigy going by the alias of ‘Ace Anarchy’ with the power of telekinesis decided to (ironically) unleash anarchy with his gang ‘The Anarchists’ by tearing down buildings, bridges, destroying roads and overall unleashing anarchy all around the area of Gatlon City (a fictional city made for the book, which is probably the capitol city for the country it is in and most likely the biggest) after destroying infrastructure military was sent in but they were destroyed, he went after government officials after and many were killed. With society breaking down, the government falling and all emergency services being disbanded, more prodigy gangs emerged. In other countries all hell started breaking loose and many civil wars started with more gangs disrupting society. This went on until Ace Anarchy ruled the world from Gatlon city. This was called the ‘Age of Anarchy and it went on for about 20 years. The worst wasn’t even the gangs, if you payed them or helped them they would leave you alone, the worst was the people. They would steal, loot, assault because there was no law enforcement (to be fair there was no law). It was the strong against the weak and the strong were usually jerks. Then at some point hope appeared, it called itself ‘The Renegades’. They were a prodigy gang who wanted to end the reign of anarchy. In reality they were a group of prodigy teenagers who’s base was in one of their garages. They saved people, stopped robberies and too down gangs. They were lead by a guy who calls himself ‘Captain Chromium’ because of the layer of chromium under his skin which made him almost invincible, but he was vulnerable to attacks at the eyes. They managed to kill ‘Ace Anarchy’ and some of his gang ‘the Anarchists’ and they more or less restored order. They became the new government and recruited more prodigies as ‘law enforcement’. They called themselves the ‘Council’.
Now back to the post-anarchitic world. The book is about a girl called Nova Artino, the niece of ‘Ace Anarchy’ and other people have their sides told aswell. It don’t think it tells us Nova’s age but I’m pretty sure she is 17-18. Her family is all dead, killed by a hitman sent by a prodigy gang, why? Because her dad wasn’t keeping up with the work they were asking him to do (he was a gifted prodigy with the power to make things out of light, in think? And they wanted him to make weapons for them). She’s a prodigy in the remnants of the ‘Anarchist’ gang who can make people fall asleep by touching their skin and she doesn’t need to sleep either, neither of these sound very useful but she uses them very effectively. She goes by the alias ‘Nightmare’. I’d say read the book if you want to know the story.
Now some flaws of the book are that it was a bit predictable, you could sort of tell what was coming. It showed both sides of the story so you knew what was coming but they didn’t and you were powerless to do anything. A lot of imagination went into this book because of the superpowers that I read in it. A lot of thought would have had to go into that. To be honest I could probably never think of that. RENEGADES.jpg

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