‘Peppa Pig’ by Neville Astley, Mark Baker & Phillip Hall

We sat down for dinner one night and my Dad asked: “Why did you all like Peppa Pig?” He doesn’t get Peppa at all. We kind of agree. The weird thing is that if a normal girl (not a pig) did the things Peppa and her family do, it’d probably be boring (Peppa’s Dad reads a book about concrete). But because it’s about pigs who do the same things humans do, the stories seem fun when you are little. Maybe because they all snort (or say “yuck”)!

We talked about it. We each remembered different things from the books. We’ve all seen the cartoons (they are always on the TV) and we have some Peppa toys. We gathered all the Peppa Pig books we have in the house into one pile and it’s a big pile. The books are called things like ‘Peppa’s Washing Day’, ‘Daddy Pig’s Fun Run’, ‘George’s Racing Car’, ‘My Mummy’, ‘My Daddy’, ‘Peppa Goes Swimming’, ‘Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day’ and are all simple stories. We don’t have a favourite book as they are all a bit the same.

As 10 and 8 year olds, we find these stories a bit silly now we are older, but we liked them when we were really little. Our 3 year old sister loved these kids picture books when she was between 2 and 3. It seems all little kids of that age love them. Actually, it seems like kids get addicted to everything about Peppa. We think maybe there are too many Peppa things these days – Peppa is everywhere!

Everyone knows Peppa Pig. The cartoons and books have been around for years. Peppa would be 16 now if she was a real person or pig! We think it is funny that the Peppa book ‘Happy Birthday’ which came out in 2017 has a cake with only three candles on it (when Peppa was created in 2004 – according to Wikipedia) – we’ve used the front cover for this review’s picture.

The books are about a bossy little pig called Peppa who lives with her little brother George, who loves to play (but cries a lot!), with Mummy pig who is very clever and Daddy pig who they make fun of (the books make him sound stupid and they say he is a bit round in the tummy!). The family do lots of ordinary things like go to the playground, the library, the supermarket and loads of other places. Peppa goes to playschool where Madam Gizel teaches them. Peppa loves exploring.

Our little sister, Julianne, liked the colours of the books and liked to look at all the pictures. She knows all the stories but still liked them read to her.

There are lots of characters in these books – not just Peppa’s own little family. There are Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig, Miss Rabbit, Mr. Elephant, Danny Dog, Grandad Dog, Grampy Rabbit, Madame Gazelle, Emily Elephant, Mummy Elephant, Doctor Elephant, Edmund Elephant and others. Peppa’s best friend is Suzie Sheep (she only has a Mum – we don’t know why). Our favourite characters are George (because he is cute) and Danny Dog (our little sister says: “I like him because he is a boy”).

Our Mum and Dad are not big fans of Peppa because they’ve had to read the books so many times (they tried to talk us out of reviewing the books)! My Dad says reading the books makes him feel hungry for a cooked breakfast (he’s trying to be funny – he used to change lines in the stories when he was reading them)! We think these books are so short they are ideal for reading as a bedtime story (our Dad says: “Not if you have to read three in a row!”).

The last thing to say is these books are indestructible (we’ve dropped them, written on them, got them wet and much more). Our family have been reading the, for years and they still look brand new. They are tough with hard back covers.

Review by Éanna (10), Lara (8) and Julianne Buck (3).


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