‘Amelia Jane Gets into Trouble’ by Enid Blyton

This book is too simple for me – I’m 8. It’s the story that’s simple. There are some pictures in the book but it’s not a picture book. Some of the words are hard. I didn’t really like it. Amelia Jane is a bad doll and bullies the other toys and dolls. They all talk to each other. She does things like putting green paint on a doll, she cuts the tail off a rabbit and squirts water on a toy soldier. The other toys don’t like it and try to stop Amelia Jane, but it all seems a bit silly. Toys playing tricks on each other should be funnier. This book didn’t make me laugh. I think it is meant to be a bit like ‘Toy Story’ but it’s just a bit boring – the things they do are not worth reading. I think maybe the book is written for more girlie girls than me. It might be ok as a book to read very young kids (maybe 5 or 6). I wouldn’t read more of these books. My Dad says it is an old book – inside the book it says it is from 1954! Maybe this book was good for its time.

Review by Lara Buck aged 8.




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