‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ by David Walliams


This book is very funny. It is a bit big (mine as about 450 pages!). I didn’t mind as it is easy to read and good. It’s a comedy adventure with lots of funny bits. It is set in England. It has drawings of all the characters and of the town where they live, this helps me to imagine what’s going on. Like David Walliams’ other books, it uses small words, big words, sideways words and lots of different looking words – this helps to make the reading fun and there are also pictures on lots of the pages. It is all about Jack and his Grandpa. Many years ago, his Grandpa was a World War 2 flying ace, but he is sent to Twilight Towers old folks home because he gets a thing called Alzheimer’s (he can’t remember stuff). This place is run by Matron Swine, a very mean lady. When his Grandson Jack finds out the people in the nursing home are evil, he goes to rescue him! The rescue is my favourite bit. There are three men dressed as nurses and lots of things happen. Jack’s Mum works by making cheese so she always smells like cheese and Jack’s Dad is an accountant. There are loads of characters. Jack loves collecting aeroplanes. His favourite plane is the Spitfire since his Grandpa flew that plane when he was in the air force. I love the David Walliams books because they are very funny. They are all a bit the same in how they look and read but I don’t mind. It also reads a bit like a true story. I would highly recommend it to ages 7-12 years.

Review by Éanna Buck aged 10.




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