‘Horrid Henry’s Holiday’ by Francesca Simon

I don’t like the Horrid Henry books. They are so boring. They are meant for young kids to help them learn to read, but they are just too easy to read and too short. I read this one quickly on the way home from school. They stories are too simple. But the biggest problem is they are not funny. No jokes. Henry always gets in trouble and his brother Peter never does. It’s always the same. I think the books would be better if Peter got in trouble sometimes. Henry’s Mum and Dad are always nice to Peter and are mean to Henry. Why can’t something else happen? If Henry was nice one time, it would be funny to read what happens. This Horrid Henry book is about his family going on a holiday. Horrid Henry doesn’t like the campsite they go to and plays loud music and takes out their tent’s pegs making it fall down when they are in it when it is raining. This is just boring to read. Henry just constantly gets in trouble. I think maybe boys like these books better than I do. I wouldn’t recommend this book.

Review by Lara Buck aged 8.



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