‘Laugh out Loud’ by James Patterson

I think this is definitely a good book. I recommend it to all kids. As the title suggests, it is laugh out loud. I think this comedic story  is sort of  about James Patterson’s life because in it the boy Jimmy wants to make a book company for kids run by kids with the books written by kids. The office is going to be like a theme park! All the books James Patterson has written for kids are in it and so are the characters who are Jimmy’s friends. Characters such as Chris Grabenstein as Chris Grabbens, and Sammy and Maddie from House of Robots and Rafe from Middle school as well, so is Jamie Grimn from I Funny and even the Kidds from Treasure Hunters are there, well, except for Storm. Another reason I think its James Patterson’s life is because his English teacher calls him James: coincidence? I think not.

Written by 12 year old Finn Buck.


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