‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’ by Liz Pichon

This book is full off laughs and has loads of amazing pictures and doodles. I love each and every character. The book is not too long and not too short and I enjoyed each and every second of it. I would highly recommend it to ages 7-12 years. The book is all about Tom Gates, his best friend Derek, his grumpy sister Delia, his really embarrassing Mum and Dad, his Granny and Grandpa Mavis – who bake slightly strange stuff, his beady-eyed teacher, Mr. Fullerman, Marcus Meldrew – who he thinks is an idiot, Uncle Kevin, Aunty Alice and his two cousins. It’s a funny comedy where all these people do mad things. I’ve read most of the Tom Gates books and I think this is the best one!

Review by Eanna Buck aged 10.



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