‘Dork Diaries’ by Rachel Renée Russell

Dork diaries  is all about Nikki who is a teenager.  Nikki’s sister is really annoying because she has a hand puppet called Miss Penelope. Nikki’s life is stressful. Her Dad has a van called the ‘Roach Mobile’. There is a girl who is really mean to Nikki, her name is MacKenzie. Nikki has two friends called Chloe and Zoey. The book is a diary of Nikki’s day to day life and lots of crazy things happen to her. I’ve read lots of the Dork Diary books – this is the first one and its easy to see why other kids like it. I read this book and I am 8.  I think it is ok for 8 and older kids.

Review by Lara Buck aged 8.


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